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Woman On ATM Queue Suddenly Goes Into Labour As She Waits To Access Money.


By The Evangelist News edition, March 19, 2023. Admin.

Sequel to hours spent in line at a bank to obtain money, a pregnant Nigerian lady suddenly went into labour.

A social media narrative corroborative with footage, shows the unidentified woman is carried to the hospital by helpful strangers and other customers of the bank, resulting in pandemonium in the neighbourhood.

The development attracted comments from citizens.
Reactions below:

thefoodnetworknig2: “In a sane country, everyone must make way for her to do whatever she has to do in the bank without spending a second on the queue”.

S_airemen:“Most worrisome part is that she had to be shielded from people who rather than seek every possible opportunity to help, wanted to record a woman in labour pains. We all need to rethink our priorities”.

oriflameskincarre;“God I don’t know but once you see an elderly man/woman, pregnant woman or a woman carrying a baby allow them to do whatever they want to do without queuing”.

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