Mixed Reactions As Anglican Priest Opens New Hotel Built By Popular Native Doctor In Oba, Anambra State

The Evangelist
December 31, 2022

Anglican Priest opens new hotel built by a Native Doctor In Oba popularly known as ‘Akwa Okuku Tiwara Aki’.

A Facebook user, Mustapha commented “Most Churches in Nigeria are for business purposes it’s the reason why Nigeria’s pastors are the richest in the World for feeding fat on the worshipper’s money in the name of tithes, offerings, thanksgiving, seed sowing, and so on.

It is hurting, other countries including where Christianity emanated from are setting up industries to employ the teeming youths and to develop their economy, while for Nigeria on daily basis new Churches and men parading as men of God (pastors and overseers keep surfacing ) to defraud the poor under the umbrella of religion.”

Another user, Onyema Chidi says “The fact that Akwa acknowledge there’s someone greater than him, show’s his a respecter of God! You called him Akwa to dedicate your own! He called the church to dedicate his own! God is supreme! Congratulations to you. Lessons should be learned”

Another user by name, Ginika Esther says

“That priest looks like his elder brother. Seems the calling runs in their linage.

Or he is one of those bishops jagaban invited to his event the other time. Is my eyes deceiving me or what?”

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