US Court Sentences Allen Onyema’s Alleged Fraud Conspirator To Three Years Probation

By The Evangelist
October 29, 2022

A United States court on Friday sentenced a self-confessed conspirator in the alleged $20 million fraud allegedly organised by Air Peace CEO, Allen Onyema, to three years probation.

The court also awarded $4,000 as fine against Ebony Mayfiled, who, had in June, pleaded guilty to the charge of signing and submitting fake documents to facilitate the alleged fraud.

The US government accused her of signing and submitting the fabricated documents between 2016 and 2018, to help Mr Onyema, owner of Air Peace, a major Nigerian commercial airline, to move $20 million from Nigeria in a money laundering scheme.

She was charged in 2019, and she initially pleaded “not guilty” to all eight charges at the District Court for the Northern District of Georgia in Atlanta.

But she pleaded guilty to one of the charges in June, after entering into a plea agreement that saw the US government drop the seven remaining charges against her.

The law under which she was charged provided for maximum five years jail term for the offence she pleaded guilty to.

Following her guilty plea, her lawyer filed for a variance of sentence on 13 October, to plead to be sentenced to a probated sentence or what is called supervised release, instead of imprisonment.

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