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EX-CNN Presenter, Isha Sesay, Announces Pregnancy

By The Evangelist
October 29, 2022

A Journalist and former News Anchor with the Cable News Network (CNN) , Isha Sesay, has announced that she is pregnant.

In a piece of Today, the popular TV journalist revealed that she never thought she would be divorced, single and having a baby on her own at age 46. Sesay also recounted her battle to get pregnant.

Sesay, who worked with CNN for 13 years said, “My first IVF attempt was unsuccessful, and I cried for days afterward, before I could find the strength to start the process all over again a few months later.

But with each passing day, I grew more fearful and anxious about my chances of being able to successfully carry a child.”

Sesay further revealed that when she found out she was pregnant on her third trial, she fell on her knees and cried.

“The day before I was scheduled to return to the clinic, I finally caved in and bought a home test because I couldn’t bear a repeat of the hours-long wait before the clinic called with the results.

The next morning I got up long before the sun was up, anxiously headed to my bathroom and opened the box.

The minutes ticked by and I cycled through a myriad of emotions.

When the word “pregnant” flashed up on the tiny screen, I screamed and fell to my knees before bursting into tears.

“In the weeks ahead, I plan to share more of my life-changing experience in the hope that if there is anyone out there being held back from chasing their heart’s desire — no matter what it is — maybe my story will spark something in them and provide the little nudge they need to go for it,” she said.

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