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Tottenham right-back Emerson: The one word Conte is always saying to us

Tottenham defender Emerson Royal appreciates the management of Antonio Conte.

Ahead of Tottenham’s next fixture against Wolves, the defender has opened up on his boss and Conte’s managerial methods.

“Conte is the same coach on the sidelines, in training, in video lectures. He is like that in all aspects, explosive, demands, he works hard,” Royal told Globo Esporte.

“This activates our team, makes us pay attention to the smallest details, to the positioning of the body before the execution of the moves, in the conversations with videos before the beginning of each activity.”

Emerson then went on to reveal what the 53-year-old repeats to his squad and what he asks his players to do.

“One word he repeats a lot is ‘quickly’,” he explained.

“He likes everything done with speed. Conte always talks about the rhythm with the ball, passing it, ‘pam, pam, pam’, one or two touches. without taking too long.”

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