2023: Dr. Sylvester Attah, his scorecard, and the prime choice before Okobo State Constituency



The impressive credentials and honourable personality of Dr. Sylvester Attah, as well as his academic sagacity and weighty track record in public service, simply put him forth as the best man to represent Okobo State Constituency in the 8th Assembly come 2023

Attah, a cleared aspirant vying for the ticket of the People’s Democratic Party ahead of the 2023 Okobo State Constituency election, is reputed for his intellectual depth and administrative acumen, which he has deployed in causing sectorial reforms in Okobo Local Government Council under his chairmanship.

With vast industry experience as a financial advisor to various renowned firms, and his sterling performance as a Council Chairman, as well as his trademark sociability and educational standing as a Doctor in the field of Accounting, Sylvester Attah has a combination of both private and public sectors exposure, unassailable academic stamina, rich antecedents in community service, and scores of government contacts, all of which have prepared him to make an effective lawmaker, and spokesperson for his constituency.


Honoured in 2021 as one of Nigeria’s Best Performing Local Government Chairmen by the Nigerian Local Government Merit Awards (LOGMA) in Abuja, Hon. Attah has made indelible marks in grassroots governance as Chairman of Okobo Local Government.

Concentrating his strides on security, education, women empowerment, infrastructure, peace and stability, environment, poverty alleviation, and healthcare, among other sectors, he has since assumption of office in December 2020, brought about approval & payment of over N2million backlog of financial aid to staff of the Unified Local Government Service (ULGS; Peace initiative resulting in swift intervention and the strategic resolution of a 4-month violent communal conflict between Okopedi & Amamong communities; Financing of medical intervention for underprivileged citizens; Peace initiative leading to a sustainable resolution of an age-long dispute after a fatal clash between Obufi and Ube communities; Donation of a brand new generator to the NIMC to support the NIN registration in Okobo L.G.A; Payment of grants to victims affected by violent communal conflicts; Recovery and repair of a council-owned, long-abandoned Toyota Prado (Land Cruiser) and a vandalized ambulance.

Others include the Grading of the road leading to the Local Government Headquarters, to alleviate the stress previously endured by council workers and the rural dwellers; Provision of financial assistance to specific indigent students in tertiary institutions to cater for school fees and other essential needs; Provision of brand new generator for preservation of immunization vaccines at the Central Health Centre; Ensuring environmental cleanliness through regular sanitation exercise; Offsetting of medical bills for victims of the Okopedi-Amamong communal clash at different health facilities across the State; Repair and maintenance of a moribund generator to ensure adequate power supply at the Council Headquarters; Borehole drilling and water reticulation at the Council Secretariat: Provision of N125,000.00 each as financial assistance to some indigenes to ease their studies at the Nigerian Law School; Payment of business grants to over 60 women and vulnerable widows, to highlight only a few.

With his penchant for strengthening institutions and driving rural development, Sylvester has demonstrated the rare ability to match academic brilliance with competence, and his content, with character,- traits that have all-together enabled him to build capacity, and have endeared him to many, even beyond his constituency. How else would one explain the unprecedented ‘Staff Friendly Chairman’ Award conferred on him by the National Association of Local Government Employees (NULGE), and the Vote of Confidence recently passed on him by all serving councillors in Okobo Local Government Legislative Council who have unanimously urged him to seek a higher political office?

With his meritorious performance as council helmsman, regardless of the poor revenue allocation that has continued to plague the third tier of government nationwide, it is abundantly clear that the gentleman is in the House of Assembly race in search of an advanced platform to further facilitate the development of Okobo State Constituency in both human and material forms, through quality legislation and representation at the State level. This explains the launch of his new campaign catchword, ‘SERVICE Plus’, a few years after he sought and got his people’s mandate to be council chairman with ‘SERVICE’ as his mantra.

As processes toward the People’s Democratic Party’s nomination of candidates, and the 2023 General Election thicken, the choice of Dr. Sylvester Attah as the finest option for the Okobo State Constituency seat is lucid and self-evident, as the credentials.

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